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  • Albanian College Tirana

    Albanian College Tirana

    is a candidate school* for the Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme, and Diploma Programme. This school is pursuing authorization as an IB World School Read More
  • Albanian College Tirana

    Albanian College Tirana

    The school building is located in a landscaped garden and contains 30 classrooms, a large library, sport facilities, a canteen, science labs, technology labs, art rooms and more.
  • An International Education

    An International

    All instruction is in English by highly qualified international teachers Read More
  • 21st century Teaching and Learning

    21st century
    Teaching and Learning

    Students learn to ask questions, research and communicate knowledge, not just memorize and repeat Read More
  •  We offer a largevariety of subjects

    We offer a large
    variety of subjects

    English, Maths, Chinese, French, Sciences, Design, Albanian, Humanities and more Read More
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Why Albanian College?

ACT gives students a world-class, comprehensive education from Early Years 1 (age 3) through Grade 11 with Grade 12 being added next year.

Students learn to think, act independently, take ownership of their learning, how to research and communicate their knowledge. They learn compassion through community service, develop their bodies through Physical Education, use technology and develop skills for the 21st century.

ACT students experience modern educational and will be prepared for international universities. 


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Our Teachers

Susan Eby
Sally Monteith
Head of Secondary School
Leah Bortolin
Head of Primay School
Bailey Cavanaugh
Humanities Teacher
Caroline Roussin
French Teacher
Celeste Colmenero
Music Teacher
Debora Chitren
Grade 3 Teacher
Eric Repking
Physical Education Teacher
Gino Dicorato
Physical Education Teacher
Jeanette Lizotte
Jennifer Hight
Grade 1 Teacher
Natasha Aird
Early Years Teacher
Phillip Louie
English Language Coordinator
Wendi Wiggins
Grade 2 Teacher
Donald Buer
Mathematics Teacher
Evan Gropper
Grade 5 Teacher
Keri Zeller
Grade 4 Teacher
Daniel DiGregorio
Visual Arts and Design Teacher
Gwyneth van Son
Drama Teacher
Dana Xiaodan
Mandarin Chinese Teacher
Callie Chavers
Early Years Teacher
Jordan McKay
Early Years Teacher
Shannon Dohnke
Early Years Teacher
Christine Lytras
Language and Literature
Robin Jaglinski
Primary Art Teacher
Gillian Ani
Primary & Secondary Drama Teacher
Marcy Jasper
Grade 1 Teacher
Carine Jadot
Primary & Secondary French Language Acquisition
Nicholas Graben-Ball
Secondary Music Teacher
Alex Muchow
Mathematics Teacher
Zach Oppenheimer
English Language & Literature Teacher
Michael Boshko
Individuals & Societies and English Language Acquisition
Ann Ireland
University & Careers Counselor
Courtney Rodriguez
Primary Music&Drama Teacher
Corey Lundstrom
Science Teacher
Angela Campbell
Science Teacher
Jo-Anne Franks
Early Years 2 Teacher
Mindi Greenberg
Grade 5 Teacher
Danielle Rebello
Early Years 1 Teacher
Darrell Hardman
Design Teacher
Joe Cloutier
Grade 2B Teacher
Matt Chaffee
Science Teacher